Thanh Hung 08

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Name Thanh Hung 08
Date 06 November 2020
Year of Build 2014
Casualty type Sank
Vessel Type General Cargo - VT GGC

* General cargo ship THANH HUNG 08 sank on 6 November 2020 two nautical miles from the Port of Ky Ha in Quang Nam, Vietnam.

* Reportedly two ventilation pipes located on the port side broke resulting in water ingress in the cargo hold after which the vessel developed a port side list and later sank.

* The vessel loaded with 5,300 MT of clinker was proceeding from Kam Pha to Vung Tau, Vietnam at the time of the incident.

* Regrettably only seven of the twelve crew members on board have so far been safely rescued.

* Recovery issues will arise as a result of this casualty which WKW will be able to assist with including investigations into the cause of the sinking.

* We recommend that you contact us immediately if you are concerned with any cargo that was on board the vessel.

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Thanh Hung 08