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Name Shahraz
Date 11 May 2020
Year of Build 2020
Casualty type Collision
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC


* It is reported that the Indonesian Coast Guard and Port Authority are now assisting the SHAHRAZ by initially taking steps to lighten some of the containers on board.

* It is unclear at this stage whether the vessel will then be capable of being refloated given the damage reportedly caused by the collision, or whether ultimately it will need to be removed by alternative methods.

* It is possible that Salvage Security may be required. Shipowners may also declare GA and if so, General Average security may also be required from all Cargo Interests prior to the delivery of their cargo.

* Recovery issues may also arise in the event of any physical loss, damage or deterioration of cargo stowed onboard the vessel.

* Given that the SHAHRAZ is subject to US OFAC sanctions, certain obstacles are likely to arise in the handling of the matter which will require careful consideration.

* We recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo stowed onboard the SHAHRAZ so that we may provide suitable advice for the best protection of your interests.


We have been made aware of the following incident:

* Fully cellular container vessel, SHAHRAZ came into collision with bulk carrier SAMUDRA SAKTI I off Batam, Indonesia in the Singapore Strait on 11 May 2020.

* As a result of the collision, both vessels ran aground near the Batu Berhanti Beacon.

* It is understood that the SAMUDRA SAKTI I was quickly refloated and has been taken to anchorage for inspection.

* The SHAHRAZ appears to have suffered more serious damage, notably vertical cracks to her hull on both port and starboard sides above and below the waterline and may therefore have broken in two. If so, the vessel may become a constructive total loss requiring removal.

* It is further understood that US sanctions (OFAC) have been imposed on the SHAHRAZ which may create certain issues in the handling of the matter for all concerned.

* It is possible that General Average / Salvage / Recovery issues may arise as a result of this casualty.

* We recommend that you contact us urgently should you require assistance or advice so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.

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