Typhoon Maysak

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Name Typhoon Maysak
Date 03 September 2020
Year of Build N/A
Casualty type Weather Event

* On Thursday 3rd September 2020 TYPHOON MAYSAK made landfall in the South Korean Port City of Busan with recorded wind speeds of 140 km/h (87 mph) and heavy rainfall causing localised flooding.

* Containers are reported to have been toppled in Busan Port as a result of the high winds which will have caused damage to cargoes contained within.

* The GULF LIVESTOCK, a livestock vessel with reportedly 40 crew and 6,000 cattle on board, regrettably is reported to have sunk after being caught up in the typhoon. One crew member has been safely recovered with the search and rescue mission continuing for the remainder.

* TYPHOON MAYSAK is moving north and is expected to make a second landfall at Kimchaek, North Korea.

* Another typhoon - HAISHEN - is forming South of Japan and due to hit the Korean peninsula late on Sunday 6th September 2020.

* WKW will be able to assist with any cargo surveys required in the affected region.

* As a result of damage and localised flooding, access to the Port and other affected areas may be difficult. As such we are already investigating the possibility of deploying our Drone Surveys (https://www.wkwebster.com/special/dronesurvey) as well as utilising our eSurveys (https://www.wkwebster.com/special/esurvey) in what are likely to be very challenging conditions.

* Should you insure any cargo that was stored within the Port Area of Busan or other affected areas by TYPHOON MAYSAK or later TYPHOON HAISHEN and experience any marine or transit liability issues, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible at (https://www.wkwebster.com/contact-us.php) so that we may immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.

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Typhoon Maysak