MOL Charisma

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Name MOL Charisma
Date 01 September 2020
Year of Build 2007
Casualty type Fire
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC

11 September 2020

We have received the following updated news concerning MOL CHARISMA following the fire on board the vessel on 1 September 2020:

* The vessel is due to return to Singapore, for want of suitable Salvors/Experts in India/Sri Lanka, probably due to COVID, where she has an ETA of the 13 September 2020.

* It has not been possible to verify that the fire in Hold no. 5 has been fully extinguished, so the vessel will not be allowed to berth until this has been verified.

* It is reported that once the vessel can berth ship interests will make alternative arrangements for the on-carriage of cargo destined for Colombo; Indian ports; and other destination ports.

* Recovery issues may arise in connection with any cargo affected by fire, heat, smoke and/or fire-fighting operations. WKW has surveyors on standby in Singapore to attend cargo surveys where required.

* It also remains possible that General Average may be declared by shipowners. If so, General Average security may be required from all Cargo Interests prior to the delivery of their cargo and we are likely to be able to assist in that regard.

* WKW has been contacted by various parties interested in this matter and we are uniquely placed to assist Cargo Insurers, so should you insure any cargo stowed on board this vessel and require our assistance we would urge you to contact us accordingly.


* It is reported that containership vessel MOL CHARISMA experienced a fire on board on 1st September 2020, 250 miles east off Colombo, Sri Lanka.

* The fire started in cargo hold 5 and was brought under control using the on board CO2 system. The crew are continuing to monitor the situation.

* The MOL CHARISMA is now proceeding to Colombo, Sri Lanka under her own power where any potential damage to the vessel and cargo will be assessed.

* It is possible that General Average may declared as a result of the extraordinary expenses that may be incurred by the Owners in taking the vessel to Colombo as a Port of Refuge.

* Furthermore Salvage and Recovery issues may arise as a result of the casualty.

* WKW will be able to assist with any cargo surveys required to any damaged cargoes in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our surveyors are on standby to attend.

* Should you insure any cargo and require our assistance we recommend that you contact us urgently.

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MOL Charisma