Ice Rose

Instruct Us
Name Ice Rose
Date 23 September 2020
Year of Build 1985
Casualty type Contact
Vessel Type C.C. Ref - VT UCR

* We have received reports that a collision occurred involving refrigerated cargo vessel ICE ROSE and a Russian naval vessel, 311 KAZANETS, in dense fog in a position south of the Oresund Bridge, Sweden on 23 September 2020.

* ICE ROSE sustained a breach to its starboard aft hull plating above the waterline as a result of the collision.

* The vessel later moved to the Lindo Shipyard in Odense, Denmark for repairs.

* ICE ROSE was on a voyage from St. Petersburg to Gothenburg at the time of the collision.

* It is possible that General Average and associated recovery issues may arise as a result of this collision.

* We recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo on board this vessel so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.

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Ice Rose