POS Yokohama

Instruct Us
Name POS Yokohama
Date 18 June 2020
Year of Build 1998
Casualty type Collision
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC

We have received the following new casualty report:

* It is reported that a collision occurred between the POS YOKOHAMA and general cargo vessel, KINEI MARU No.22 on 18 June 2020 off the coast of Nagoya, Japan.

* The POS YOKOHAMA appears to have suffered damage to its starboard hull above the water line, but also in the area of the engine room which has reportedly been breached allowing seawater ingress into the engine space.

* The vessel is now at anchor pending an inspection of the damage.

* It is possible that this matter will give rise to General Average and/or Salvage together with recovery issues in the event of cargo damage or delay.

* Should you insure or be concerned with cargo on board this vessel, please advise us as soon as possible so that we may assist in protecting your interests.

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POS Yokohama