Ho Omaka Hou

Instruct Us
Name Ho Omaka Hou
Date 22 June 2020
Year of Build 2007
Casualty type Cargo Overboard
Vessel Type Barge - OST OBA

We have received the following new casualty report:

* The crew of tug, HOKU LOA, with interisland barge HO OMAKA HOU in tow, reported the loss overboard of 21 containers from the barge off the coast of Hilo, Hawaii upon arrival of the convoy at Hilo harbour on 22 June 2020.

* The US Coast Guard reports that 9 of the containers have been located whilst 12 containers currently remain missing.

* Owners of the barge are working with the US Coast Guard to locate and recover the containers lost overboard and to determine the contents of the affected containers.

* It is possible that Recovery issues may arise as a result of this incident and we recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo on board the barge so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.

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Ho Omaka Hou