Dawn Horizon

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Name Dawn Horizon
Date 15 August 2020
Year of Build 2013
Casualty type Collision
Vessel Type Bulk/c.c. - VT BCB

* We have received reports that bulk carrier, DAWN HORIZON, came into collision with products tanker, MALINGAP, off Luzon Point, Mariveles, the Philippines, on 15 August 2020.

* DAWN HORIZON is reported to have been on a loaded voyage from Finucane Island, Australia to Manila, and possibly thereafter to Chinese ports, whilst MALINGAP appears to have been sailing in ballast at the time of the collision.

* It is not clear what the extent of any damage to DAWN HORIZON may be, but MALINGAP is reported to have sustained damage to its starboard quarter as a result of the collision.

* DAWN HORIZON is reported to have moved to anchor off Mariveles following the collision, most likely for an inspection to assess her condition.

* It is possible that General Average / Salvage and associated recovery issues may arise as a result of this collision.

* If you are concerned with any cargo on board the DAWN HORIZON and require our assistance, we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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Dawn Horizon