One Aquila

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Name One Aquila
Date 03 November 2020
Year of Build 2018
Casualty type Cargo Overboard
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC


19 November 2020

* We have received further information concerning the loss overboard of containers from the ultra large containership, ONE AQUILA, during its passage from Far Eastern ports to US West Coast ports.

* It remains unclear how many containers may have been lost overboard, or otherwise affected by any collapse of the container stowage, but the total number of affected containers is thought to exceed 100.

* Following the incident the vessel diverted to Tacoma port, Washington, USA, where we understand affected containers remaining on board were discharged and/or restowed on the vessel to allow for on-carriage to destination ports.

* The vessel is now expected to arrive at Long Beach, California on 20 November 2020. It is understood that cargo owners are being notified by main line carriers if their containers have been affected by this incident.

* We are already instructed by certain cargo insurers and we have surveyors in attendance to carry out cargo surveys of affected containers and to investigate the cause of the incident. This may allow us to generate certain economies of scale to instructing Principals.

* Given the vessel's imminent arrival at Long Beach we strongly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you are concerned with any affected cargo in order that we may take the appropriate measures to protect your interests in this matter.


* It has been reported that the ultra large containership ONE AQUILA lost several containers overboard during bad weather off the west coast of the United States Coast on 3 November 2020.

* The exact location of the incident is currently unknown however there are some reports that at least 100 containers may have been lost.

* The vessel is currently proceeding to the Port of Long Beach, California, USA where it is likely investigations into the casualty will be undertaken. It is possible that some containers on board may have also toppled over whilst still remaining on board affecting the cargo stowed within.

* WKW will be able to assist with investigations to establish the cause of the incident with consideration to any recovery action and also have a surveyor on standby for any cargo surveys required when the vessel berths in Long Beach.

* Should you insure any cargo stowed on board this vessel and require our assistance we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible so we may take steps to protect your position

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One Aquila