Sukran C

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Name Sukran C
Date 27 November 2020
Year of Build 2004
Casualty type Fire
Vessel Type Chem, Tank - VT TCH

* It is reported that combined chemical and oil tanker, SUKRAN-C, experienced an engine room fire whilst navigating off Cape Ortegal, Spain on 27 November 2020.

* The crew were able to extinguish the fire, but the vessel was nevertheless disabled in a position approximately 26 nautical miles off Cape Ortegal.

* We understand that the vessel is likely to be taken under tow by tugs towards either Ferrol or Santander port for inspection and repair.

* It is possible that this matter will give rise to Salvage and/or General Average, requiring security to be provided and we are well placed to assist in this regard. Recovery issues may also arise to the extent that there is any cargo loss and/or damage.

8 Please contact us urgently if you insure any cargo on board this vessel so that we may immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.

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Sukran C