Lucky Pioneer

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Name Lucky Pioneer
Date 09 December 2020
Year of Build 1997
Casualty type Collision
Vessel Type Bulk/c.c. - VT BCB

* We have received reports that bulk carrier, LUCKY PIONEER came into collision with general cargo vessel, NEW SILK ROAD 1, whilst both vessels were manoeuvring at Kaohsiung port, Taiwan on 9 December 2020.

* Reports indicate that LUCKY PIONEER sustained damage to its stern as a result of the collision and the vessel later moved to a berth at Kaohsiung for inspection.

* The vessel is reported to have been loaded with up to 31,001 cubic metres of bulk cargo loaded at Biringkasi, Indonesia at the time of the collision.

* It is possible that this could give rise to a General Average, where security may be required prior to delivery, as well as potential collision recovery aspects too.

* Should you insure any cargo and require our assistance we would urge you contact as soon as possible.

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Lucky Pioneer