French Border Closure

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Name French Border Closure
Date 20 December 2020
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* It has been widely reported in the media that the French Authorities have closed the border with the UK, initially for 48 hours from midnight on Sunday 20 December 2020, in response to the prevalence of a new variant of coronavirus in the UK.

* Consequently, no movement of cargo stowed to trailers from UK ports to France is currently permitted and the Port of Dover is closed to traffic departing the UK.

* Kent Police in the UK have initiated "Operation Stack", whereby lorries travelling to Dover for France are re-directed to the M20 motorway in Kent and a section of the coast-bound motorway has been closed as a contingency measure.

* Manston Airport in Kent is reportedly also being readied to accept up to 4,000 trailers to ease congestion.

* Unaccompanied freight, such as containers or MAFI trailers, remain able to be transported to France.

* Cargo travelling from France to the UK is allowed to enter the UK but there are fears that carriers may be reluctant to complete those journeys for fear of their vehicles not being able to return to France.

* It is reported that a meeting of EU officials will take place on Monday 21st December to agree a co-ordinated, EU-wide response to the current situation. However, given the delays to freight which is now being experienced, it is possible that claims will arise in respect of these delays and also cargo damages to the extent that time sensitive cargo is impacted.

* It should be noted, however, that losses caused by delay, including pure economic or consequential losses, are seldom covered by insurance transit policies and you are advised to contact us further should you need any advice in this regard.

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French Border Closure