Instruct Us
Name Marina
Date 03 May 2020
Year of Build 2020
Casualty type General Enquiry
Vessel Type General Cargo - VT GGC

We have received the following news report:

* MARINA rescued 78 migrants from a boat in distress off Lampedusa, Italy on 3 May 2020 at the request of the Malta Rescue Centre.

* The vessel later moved to anchor off Lampedusa awaiting instructions but has been refused permission to enter either Italian or Maltese waters to disembark the migrants.

* The vessel is ill-equipped to care for such a number of bodies on board and sanitary conditions on board the vessel are reported to be deteriorating.

* It is possible that delays in the delivery of cargo on board the vessel may occur as a result of this situation. Consequently, it is possible that deterioration may occur to temperature / time sensitive cargo and claims for consequential damages could arise as a result of any delay in handling any cargo subject to contractually-agreed delivery or shipment dates.

* We recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo on board this vessel so that we can immediately start taking steps to protect your interests.

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