Instruct Us
Date 13 November 2021
Year of Build 2006
Casualty type Engine Failure
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC

* It is understood that fully cellular container ship, ARCHIMIDIS, has experienced an engine breakdown off Acapulco, Mexico, on or around 13th November 2021 and is now drifting without engine power.

* The vessel is on a voyage from Far East Ports in China and Korea and was heading for the Panama Canal, before then calling at US East Coast discharge ports. The vessel is reportedly carrying approximately 4,000 containers, being a mix of 20 foot and 40 foot containers.

* The vessel owner is understood to have signed a Lloyd's Open Form (LOF) salvage agreement with international salvors who are now sending a tug to rescue and tow the vessel to safety, probably to Panama where repairs can then be undertaken. It is believed the tug is due to reach the vessel on or around Tuesday, and the vessel to reach a port in Panama towards the end of November.

* Because an LOF salvage contract is reportedly in place, salvage security will be required for all cargo on board from a source in the UK acceptable to salvors or to the Council of Lloyds. W K Webster stands ready to assist in the provision of such security for its clients.

* In addition to salvage, it is not yet clear whether the vessel owners will also declare General Average. We will report further on this as the matter unfolds.

* It is, however, clear that there will be considerable delay to the vessel's schedule so recovery issues may also arise with respect to any time sensitive and/or refrigerated cargoes on board.

* W K Webster is taking steps to appoint experts to assist in determining the cause of the casualty, and also cargo surveyors to attend to any cargo surveys that may be required in due course once the vessel finally reaches its ports of destination.

* Given particularly that an LOF salvage agreement appears to be in place, we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible should you be concerned with any cargo on board.

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