Mumbai Maersk

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Name Mumbai Maersk
Date 02 February 2022
Year of Build 2018
Casualty type Grounded

* We have received reports that ultra-large container ship, MUMBAI MAERSK, has run aground whilst approaching the mouth of the River Weser in a position approximately 3 nautical miles from Wilhelmshaven anchorage on 2 February 2022.

* Initial reports indicate that the vessel was initially making a course towards the fairway to the Port of Bremerhaven but then made a loop, for reasons that are currently unclear, and entered an area where dredging material is located.

* The Central Command for Maritime Emergencies is reported to have taken command of the situation and two support vessels and five tugs have been deployed to assist the vessel.

* It is reported that initial attempts to refloat the vessel in the early hours of the morning (local time) were unsuccessful and it appears that the authorities may be awaiting the next high tide before making a further attempt.

* We are urgently seeking further information in relation to this potentially very serious casualty, but it is possible that General Average, Salvage and/or associated recovery issues may arise.

Mumbai Maersk