Haian City

Instruct Us
Name Haian City
Date 14 April 2022
Year of Build 2008
Casualty type Collision
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC

------------------UPDATE 1-------------------

19 May 2022

* Further to our initial report, the Owners of HAIAN CITY have now declared General Average.

* General Average security will be required from all Cargo Interests prior to the delivery of their cargo, and we may be able to assist in that regard.

* As a result of the collision, the HAIAN CITY suffered severe damage to its shell plating and deck in way of cargo holds 4 and 5. The vessel was anchored at the Chattogram Outer Anchorage on the same day until 4 May 2022.

* A salvage plan involving patching the vessel was put in place to re-enter the Chattogram Port as the port of refuge. On 4 May 2022, HAIAN CITY berthed at the Karnafuly Dry Dock jetty to perform discharge operations for a temporary patch up and repair. Cargo will require discharging in part or in full to effect repairs, while salvage operations are ongoing, subject to owners' class approval for subsequent voyage completion.

* We are already instructed by Cargo Insurers, and we are well placed to assist you if you are concerned with any cargo stowed on board the vessel.

* We very strongly recommend that you contact us urgently if you are concerned with any cargo stowed on board the vessel in order that we may assist you with the necessary GA formalities and to take all other steps to protect your interests.

14 April 2022

* We have received reports that container ship, HAIAN CITY came into collision with product tanker, ORION EXPRESS in a position approximately 15 nautical miles south of Chattogram port, shortly after departing from Chattogram, on 14 April 2022.

* There was reportedly some loss overboard and possible damage to cargo remaining on board.

* The vessel currently remains at anchor near the location of the collision for inspection.

* It is possible that General Average / Salvage and Recovery issues may arise as a result of this incident.

* We recommend that you contact us if you are concerned with any cargo stowed on board this vessel so that we may start taking steps to protect your interests

Haian City