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COVID-19: W K Webster Group Client & Service Provider Update

Published: 07 April 2020

Dear Valued Partner
W K Webster is acutely aware of the support we need to provide to you and our colleagues throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global health emergency.
In this connection we wish to update you on the latest status of our response to this global health emergency. W K Webster is fully operational under its COVID-19 business interruption response plan. This response plan allows W K Webster to ensure its global office locations can continue to operate in accordance with all agreed service levels. All clients and service providers should be reassured that 24/7 contact is maintained throughout our global network.

To provide reassurance and transparency we have shown below some of the key elements from our COVID-19 business interruption response plan: 

• COVID-19 Response Team
We have deployment our COVID-19 response team managed in London by our main Board with hub support and coordination in New York and Singapore. Our response team is empowered with the necessary resources to make decisive and immediate decisions to ensure W K Webster is positioned to respond to all client, service provider, colleague and community needs. If you would like further information on how we operate our response team please contact me direct.

• Remote Work
Alternative office arrangements are in force for our entire global workforce of 230 colleagues. This consists of long-term remote work capabilities during work from home orders. All company direct telephone lines are also auto forwarded to our work from home colleagues to ensure seamless communication.

• Online Meetings
We encourage all our clients to embrace remote meeting technology to ensure we stay in contact and remain productive. W K Webster has invested in Zoom remote meeting technology and we can easily arrange an online remote meeting between any member of our global team and any client and/or service provider. Please liaise with your usual W K Webster contact by email, direct line or mobile to arrange an online meeting.

• Survey Agency Network
We have issued special COVID-19 health and safety awareness instructions to all of our 290 Survey Agents across the world. We confirm that our agency network is being actively monitored by our COVID-19 response team and our network remains as resilient as ever during this global health emergency.

• NEW eSurvey Service
In order to further enhance our traditional survey network, we have launched a new eSurvey service under our in-house ISA network, whereby claimants will be given the opportunity to join an eSurvey via a Zoom meeting. The eSurvey will be managed and run by one of our expert field surveyors from their remote work location.
The-survey will consist of an interview with the claimant and the ability for our surveyor to direct the claimant in real time to capture video and photographs that can be uploaded direct to the ISA surveyor. The e-Survey report will be completed by the ISA surveyor based upon the information they obtain and submitted as a secure PDF file to the W K Webster case handler.

• Information Security
W K Webster is proudly ISO 27001 certified and our commitment to information security will not waiver throughout the COVID-19 global health emergency; so clients, service providers and colleagues can all rest assured that data will not be compromised due to our change in working practices.

• General Average Claims
We have developed systems to ensure W K Webster is positioned to issue all casualty guarantees in the event of any new General Average and/or Salvage claims throughout the COVID-19 global health emergency.

• Claim Payments
All payment systems are operational with full sanction checking and we do not foresee any issues in fulfilling all service level agreements on claim payment timelines.

• Fraud Protection
W K Webster is working with its IT and IS service providers to ensure all our targeted threat protection regimes are on high alert, as we suspect an increased level of risk from online COVID-19 impersonation and/or attempted insurance fraud. Our clients can rest assured we will be actively minimising risks at all levels of communication.

• Emergency Response
W K Webster is also offering a regional and dedicated COVID-19 emergency response service for any client or service provider that has any claim related question or COIVID-19 related request during this global health emergency.

Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 (0)7715 003651
The Americas and Caribbean: +1 917 520 0635
Asia: +65 9012 9176

Please rest assured that W K Webster is positioned to fully support you during this global health emergency. Please all stay safe and follow Government advice at all times. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

Anthony Smith
+44 (0)7720 740193 or


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