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Published: 23 October 2019

We are sure that everyone is aware of the uncertainty surrounding the terms of Brexit – Great Britain’s departure from the European Union – and of course we remain hopeful that a pragmatic solution will be reached soon.

So far as W. K. Webster is concerned however, there is no uncertainty. We have been proudly based in continental Europe since way before the EU even existed – in fact since 1821 – and we are here to stay.

We are pleased to be able to advise that whatever may happen post Brexit, W.K. Webster (Nederland) and ISA Benelux (BV) will be able to continue to provide the full range of services expected of us globally, in tandem with our offices in the UK, Singapore and the USA. We are confident not only that there will be no interruption to any of our services, but indeed that we are uniquely placed to assist in the event of difficulties during the transition process.

If there is anything with which you believe we can assist, please do not hesitate to contact Gregg Newman ( to talk these through.

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